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How Do I Sell My House in Maryland

Maryland Cash House Buyers offer the best way to sell houses in Maryland through full cash purchases.

1.  How the Process Works

First, you tell us about your property. How much land is the lot? Is there a home currently on the property? Are all utilities in full working order? What are the house’s specifications in terms of size, bedrooms, bathrooms, and living space? Is the home in need of any major repairs? What is included with the sale of the house regarding furniture or appliances? Does the property have any outbuildings? The more information we have, the better we can get an idea if it’s the kind of property you have to offer.

If the house meets our buying criteria depending on the location and condition, we consider comparable properties in the area to help determine a fair market price. You will then be presented with an offer from Maryland Cash House Buyers. No obligations or commitments are attached to this offer, so you have the time to make an informed decision on the sale.

If you decide to accept, a reputable title company is then used to process the closing documentation. The process is usually fast and efficient for the convenience of all parties. It’s the best way to sell houses in Maryland.

2.  Timeframe

The timing of this process is usually quick but getting us all the information about your house is what gets the ball rolling. Once we have the specifications on the property, we can get you an offer within 24 hours. Most title companies take roughly seven days to close the sale.

3.  Selling Your Home in Maryland Can Be a Quick and Easy Process

Maryland Cash House Buyers buys properties all around Maryland. Hagerstown, Frederick, Baltimore, College Park, Silver Spring, and Germantown. We give you options you won’t find with other investors and especially not with real estate agents. With us, you can benefit from a fast processing time and the liberty to retain occupancy of the property after purchase if you need to make other arrangements. You also don’t have to trouble yourself with preparing your property for sale or making any repairs. We’re also in the business of flipping houses, so we’re prepared to buy your property in any condition.

4.  Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does “as-is” mean?

Buying or selling a home or property as-is means as it is without repairs or renovations. When the buyer tours the property, assuming the sale is as-is, they know that what they see or don’t see is what they get. Nevertheless, the seller should prepare a disclosure statement so that the buyer can see on paper any issues that the seller is aware of at the time of the sale.

  • What does “all-cash offer” mean?

An all-cash offer implies that the purchase of the home or property will be paid for entirely in cash. The buyer will not use a mortgage lender, as the purchase price will be paid in full through a money order or a cashier’s check. No loan will be needed to cover part of the purchase.

  • How “Fast” is a “Fast Closing?”

Selling a home through a real estate agent or by yourself using a mortgage lender often results in a closing process that can take several weeks and sometimes months. Working with Maryland Cash House Buyers can get you cash in hand in as little as one week, sometimes even sooner!

  • What if I don’t need a “fast closing?”

While Maryland Cash House Buyers is excited to purchase your property, there is no rush. We can work with what you have going on in your life and modify the processing time to accommodate you. You will have plenty of time to make an informed decision and do what’s best for you and your family.

  • Will I get a low-ball offer?

Our team does extensive research when assessing your home before making you an offer. The current housing market is very competitive, and many property owners have seen the value of their properties take a significant hit. We do our best to consider all aspects of comparable home sales and come up with a number that is fair for you.

  • Is this even legit?

We understand if you’re skeptical. Service of this quality is hard to come by, but rest assured that we are legitimate. For your peace of mind, feel free to read the testimonials of our many positive reviewers on our website and get feedback directly from sellers who have worked with us.

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