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Maryland Home Buyers Frequently Asked Questions

Selling a home isn’t something most people do very often in their lives. Most people only ever sell two or three houses. Here are a few common questions about the process answered for you.

Will You Be Listing my Maryland House on the MLS or Directly Buying It?

Maryland Home Buyers is not a real estate agency. We do not list your house on your behalf as real estate agents do. If your property is up to our standards for our buying criteria, we purchase your property directly as a business entity. Maryland Home Buyers is a firm of professional home buyers, and that, in a sense, is our job. After purchasing it, we typically address any needed repairs or other issues. From there, we may utilize the house as a rental property. Otherwise, we’ll resell it to another buyer. It all just depends on the house, the location, the repairs necessary, and the rental demand. When you work with us to sell it, we purchase your house from you directly.

Do you pay fair prices for properties in Maryland?

The price is where sellers can see a bit of a trade-off. As professional buyers, we must guarantee our return on investment. Many sellers we buy from might not expect a huge payout from selling their property. They might be interested in a fast sale if they inherited the property. Plus, the sale price is money they didn’t have before, and the speed is worth a slightly lower price. Our most important goal is to help the sellers that work with us. The price may be slightly lower than the market value. But we offer a multitude of other advantages to the seller.

How Do You Determine the Price to Offer on My House in Maryland?

Our team puts effort into evaluating your home and coming up with a reasonable offer. Our overall assessment of your property comes down to its location, necessary repairs, and the as-is condition of the property. We compare these three things to nearby properties that have recently been bought and sold. All factors are considered, including the housing market we’ve seen in recent years. The payoff for sellers is that we make a straight all-cash offer and can process the sale very quickly as opposed to using real estate agents, which takes money out of the seller’s pocket in its own way.

Are There Any Fees or Commissions to Work with You to Sell My House in Maryland?

No fees or commissions affect your overall payout for the sale of your house. We pay cash for your home. We are not in the business of making money from charging you extra fees because our payout comes when we can turn the house around for profit. We will also cover closing costs in many cases. Maryland Home Buyers assumes all the risks of what buying your house entails. Whether or not we eventually see a return on the investment, neither commission nor fees are necessary for us to do our job.

How Are You Different from a Real Estate Agent?

There are many differences between our purchase process and that of a real estate agent. The biggest is that we do not list your house for you. We purchase your property from you directly for cash, and there is no staging or showing your home for weeks on end. We do one on-site consultation for your property, and we’ll develop our offer. You won’t have to wait months for mortgage lenders to tell you when you can close on the sale of your home, either. Another huge difference is that we don’t charge you any commission or fees. Real estate agents usually take a commission of 3-6% of the purchase price of your home.

Are There Any Obligations when I Submit My Information to Sell My House in Maryland?

The selling process is entirely at your discretion. Sometimes, we can give you a ballpark estimate over the phone. However, nothing is official until we assess your house or property in person. After we evaluate the property and decide if it’s a good asset for Maryland Home Buyers to purchase, we’ll submit an official offer to you. It is then up to you whether that number works for you to sell your property. There is no obligation on your part to go through with a deal that doesn’t work for you, and we do our best to come up with a purchase price that does. Maryland Home Buyers keeps the process as easy and hassle-free for you as possible!

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