Compare Maryland Home Buyers Vs Traditional Agent Listing

Are You Selling Your House? Compare Maryland Home Buyers Vs. a Traditional Agent Listing

Maryland home buyers are in the business of buying houses for cash and often flipping them. If you’re selling your house, there are several ways to go about it. You can compare Maryland home buyers vs. a local agent listing to see which will be a better fit and get you the best return on investment.

PointsSelling with Real Estate AgentsSelling To An InvestorSOLD To Real Estate Relief
Commissions / Fees   Average 6% out of the seller’s pocketNoneZero!
Who Pays Closing Costs?Average 2% out of seller’s pocketNoneZero! Maryland Cash House Buyers covers all costs!
Inspection & Financing Contingency*Yes, and roughly 15% of deals will fail.YesNot required
Appraisal Needed           Yes, and the sale can be contingent.YesNo
Average Days Until SoldAround 91 days30-45 daysOffers within 24 hours
Number of ShowingsVariableVariableOnly one
Closing Date1–2 months after accepted offer1–2 weeks to 30-45 days after accepted offerYOU pick the day!
Who Pays For Repairs?Determined during inspectionUsually the sellerMCHB covers all repairs (for investor information)

The Numbers Don’t Lie

With the figures right in front of you, it’s easy to see and compare Maryland home buyers versus a traditional agent listing. There are few benefits of choosing a real estate agent over a cash home buyer. When it comes down to it, working with a real estate agent costs you more money than selling to a buyer who delivers the cash payment straight to you. We can’t think of any reason you would ever go back to using a real estate agent again after seeing how much money our process saves you.

Fast Closing

Why waste your time waiting for a closing date from mortgage lenders and title companies when you’re waiting for the sale to help you move on with your life? Profits from selling your house for cash can go directly into a down payment on your next home and give you a cushion to make other arrangements. You can go from an accepted offer from a Maryland home buyer to cash in your pocket in as little as seven days! Sometimes, this could go slower or faster, depending on the time you need to process the transition.

Stop Repairing and Cleaning to Sell, for Good!

The biggest headaches involved with selling your home are all the effort, chores, cleaning, and repairs that go into readying your house and property to be sold. They cost you extra time and money that you could be putting into your next home, and half the time your buyers will change what you’ve done after they purchase it. We’re here to tell you, don’t waste your energy and feel embarrassed about your home’s state! Maryland Cash House Buyers is happy to buy your property as-is.

Stop Paying Closing Fees

Stop parting with thousands of dollars every time you sell your house for charges determined by mortgage lenders and title companies. These expenses are money out of your pocket that we’re sure you could put to better use. Instead, we will cover all closing costs. The offer you get from Maryland Cash House Buyers is the amount you will receive from us for purchasing your property. You’ll never have regrets over the amount of money you’ll save.

Get a Fair All-Cash Offer on Your Home with Us Today!

We do thorough market research and work hard to assess your property’s specifications to ensure we can give you the best possible market price. We can typically have an offer prepared within 24 hours of your in-home consultation. Offers are always all-cash, so there are no financing or mortgage lenders. And if you aren’t satisfied with our offer, there’s no obligation. We can also work with your scheduling needs, so closing is as fast or slow as needed. You could have your house sold in less than a week with cash in hand shortly after. Call Maryland Cash House Buyers for a free consultation today!

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