Top Reasons Why People Sell Us Their House, As-Is

Top Reasons Why People Sell Us Their House, As-Is
Hey, it’s Bob from Maryland Cash House Buyers talking to you today about some of the reasons why people sell us their house in its as is condition for cash. Now, the majority of the properties that we buy are vacant and no one lives in the house or has lived in it for some time. Now this can fall into a couple of different categories and maybe you fit into one of these categories. Maybe you have inherited the property and in doing so, the property was found vacant at some point in time. Now, a lot of times we buy houses from family members that have more than one family member involved in the sale of the house, or at least in dividing the proceeds of the sale of the house. So normally we will deal with one or maybe two or three individuals in the family and walk through the house, find out what’s important to them and talk about what they’d like to keep from the house because frequently these inherited properties have belongings that are left behind from family members that possibly have lived there for quite some time.

And a lot of times there’s a lot of stuff left behind that the heir of the property or the personal representative, and maybe you’re the personal representative for an estate. And you’re dealing with this now where your family members have had accumulations of property left in the house and you just don’t know what to do with them. Maybe your brothers and sisters or yourself have cleaned out everything that you want and there’s an old piano or old furniture and you just don’t want it anymore. Well, if it’s in good condition and you’d like it to be donated to Goodwill or something, we frequently will help people in that fashion by packing up things for donation and taking them to Goodwill or another facility. We’ll also help people pack things that they want to keep and move them to another location. We’ve helped folks move to storage units, to new apartments, to new houses.

So if that’s on your mind and you’re thinking about it, what am I going to do with all this stuff? Just when we come out to talk with you about the cash offer for the house, talk with us about your things. And we’ve been able to save people some money, because they were thinking that they needed to do an auction or pay somebody to clean out the house before they sell the house. And if you’re looking to sell it on the market with a realtor, yes, you should probably clean the house out, maybe freshen it up and do some painting and that sort of thing. But if your house needs a new roof, new mechanicals, maybe the HVAC is shot. Well, that’s where we come in and we’ll buy the house in its as is condition and take care of all of those repairs.

So, that’s one scenario, the house was inherited. The other scenario is you might have tenants in the house and you’re just done being a landlord. Maybe it’s even a family member that’s living in the house and you’re charged with the responsibility of taking care of the property. So, that can be a little dicey sometimes. And we come in in those situations and we’ll make an offer to buy the house. Let’s say, you want to sell your house and you need the money to move in a couple weeks or you want to settle some bills, and you would like to get paid, but your tenants, your family members, whoever is still living in the house and they can’t move for another month, but you’d like to go ahead and sell the house.

Well, typically we close on contracts in two weeks. So if you, for example, had this house and you wanted to sell it, but a family member or a tenant lived there, we would make arrangements with you in our agreement to help you move the things out if you want that. But also to allow that tenant to stay in place for a period of time that we both agree on. And that allows you to go ahead and settle on the house, collect the proceeds from the sale of the property, and it allows your tenant or family member, or whoever’s in the house to stick around for a few more weeks. So that’s another scenario and might be something that’s going through your mind right now, “Hey, I’d like to sell the property, but so and so lives there. And I just can’t kick them out right now.” So, talk to us about that. If you want to sell, but you want to make arrangements for your tenant, talk to us and we’ll help you figure that one out.

The other scenario where we buy houses is folks are downsizing or they’re getting a divorce. So maybe you live there now, and maybe you’re going through a divorce, which is a tricky situation. And you guys need the money to go your separate ways. So we can work out a similar arrangement there with the rent back and help you sell the property now and move on with your divorce situation. Or, if you’re downsizing, maybe you’re retiring and you want to move to another location, but you need the money to buy the new house. Again, we can talk with you about that scenario, where we buy the house. And you’ve got a certain period of time to, maybe 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, something like that, where you were going to rent the house back from us while you continue your search.

So we’re doing this all over the state of Maryland, actually in West Virginia also. We’re selling a house today in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, which we purchased back in November. And it was a divorce situation. We’re doing this at the house behind me in Meyersville, Maryland, in Frederick, Maryland, another divorce situation, inherited property in Ricers Town. We have another inherited property in Fort Washington. We have another inherited property in Emmitsburg, Maryland, in Boonsboro. Right over the hill from me here, we have two properties that were owned by one family, and it was a family tenant situation that we helped resolve. And let’s see, where else are we working? We are doing a couple properties in Frederick. And like I said, Emmitsburg, Meyersville, Boonsboro, Reisterstown, Fort Washington. And we work everywhere in between. We work in Columbia, in Laurel, in Burtonsville. We have worked several times in Westminster. So all over the place, Frederick County, Washington County, Carroll County, Howard County.

We did a really nice rancher in Meyersville last year. I’m sorry, not Meyersville, in Marriotsville last year. And yeah, so that’s it. So we’re working all over the place right now. If you need some help, you’ve got a tenant situation or you’ve inherited a property, or maybe you’re going through a divorce or you just want to downsize and relocate, we have a lot of options that we can talk with you about. So reach out to us and we’ll be in touch with you soon, and hopefully we can help you move on to your next property. Thank you so much.
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