Meet The Team; Spotlight on Garrett

Meet the Team, Spotlight on Garrett
Video Transcription

Hey guys, Bob Allwein, a.k.a Bob the Flipper. I’m over in Mount Airy today. We have this beautiful property on Mapleville Road, which is actually under contract to sell. The new buyers, or the new owner will be moving in on August 31st. I’ve been away for a couple of days, so we’re out checking on our properties. We have other properties that are under contract to sell down in Howard County and Marriottsville, and where else? In Middletown. And we have some projects going currently in Frederick, on Reels Mill Road, and one up in Westminster. So we need to check on those. So, we’re trying to get around to five houses today. I’m out with Garrett, one of our key team members.

Garrett: How’s it going, everybody?

Bob Alwein: Wanted to introduce you to Garrett so we can put a name with the face, because sometimes if you’re calling in and interacting with us, you’re talking to Garrett.

Garrett: That’s me.

Bob Alwein: So Garrett, can you tell us a little bit about what you do for the company?

Garrett: Sure thing, Bob. My name is Garrett. I’m a senior at the University of Maryland, and I am the director of leads and sales, and I’m also Bob’s mentee. So what I do for the company is, I deal with the leads. So when people call the website or send us an email, or if I reach out to you via text, that’s all me. So I’m the communication front of the company. If you need something, you reach out to me, and I’ll put you where you need to be.

Bob Allwein: Great. So we do a lot of marketing. So maybe you received one of our postcards or something, and you called the phone number on the postcard, and Garrett is the first person that you talked to. So we wanted to put a name with the face. Garrett, what happens when you receive a phone call?

Garrett: Well, I’ll answer it and I’ll try to work with you to find a situation that works for both me and you. We’re really in the business of helping people, and I think that what we’re trying to accomplish by renovating houses can also help the people who need out of a bad situation. So my main goal is to help people.

Bob Allwein: Awesome. So Garrett will talk with you on the phone when you call in, and we tell folks we don’t buy every house that we see, but we do make an offer on every house that we see. So it needs to be a win win scenario. It needs to be a situation that we can help you with, and it needs to be a project that we can take on and turn it back into an awesome house like this again. So we’re over in Mount Airy again, and we do a lot of renovations. We’ll put in new cabinets, new flooring. We have laminate flooring in here, an accent wall, painted the fireplace. We actually put a new chimney liner in that fireplace and a new cap. So we’re doing things behind the scenes to renovate the houses and make them better. And we are then listing them back on the market for sale. So Garrett, when you are talking to people, can you tell us a little bit more about some of the situations that we’re trying to help people with?

Garrett: Yes. So sometimes you deal with people who, unfortunately, they lose a family member or the house becomes damaged in a storm or something like that, and they need to get the painful situation off their hands. So I’ll come in, I’ll talk to you, I’ll try to find out what’s going on, and then we’ll try to find a way for us to both get something out of the situation and help you relieve that pain. So yeah.

Bob Allwein: So after that, what do you typically do? You schedule an appointment?

Garrett: So yeah. I’ll get you on the phone if we’re not already and we’ll come out and look at the house, try to see what’s going on, what we can do, and what we can give you for it. And we don’t, like Bob said, we don’t buy every house we see, but we surely can make you an offer. We’re helpers, not hagglers. So we’re out here trying to do what’s best for you and us at the same time.

Bob Alwine: So who should our potential clients expect to see come out to the house?

Garrett: Well, sometimes you’ll see me and Bob, but most of the time you’ll see our acquisitions manager, Michael, come out there. But either way, you’re going to be in good hands.

Bob Allwein: Okay. So what does Michael do when he comes out?

Garrett: Well, when Michael comes out, he’ll take… Well, you’ll take him around the house and he’ll see what he can give you for a price. But most of all, he’s trying to help you and us reach an agreement that will be mutually beneficial.

Bob Allwein: Awesome. All right, well, thanks. Just wanted to introduce you guys to some members of our team that you interact with. We’re going to introduce you to Patti next week, and we’ll introduce you to Michael next week. So for now, we’re over here in Mount Airy. We need to take off and head down to Howard County, to Marriottsville. We need to head up to Westminster and a couple other places that we’re working. So we’ll talk to you very soon. In the meantime, if you need any help, how can people get ahold of us, Garrett?

Garrett: If you need to contact us, call us at (240) 394-5594. Thanks, everybody.

Bob Alwine: All right, thanks a lot. See you.

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