How we helped a Seller who was facing Financial Hardship due to Mounting Medical Bills

Helping a Seller in Middletown, Maryland!
Video Transcription

Bob: Hello. This is Bob the Flipper. I’m over in Middletown, Maryland, this morning. This is one of Maryland Cash House Buyers’ five projects that we currently have going. I wanted to tell you the story about how we acquired this house.

About 10 months ago, we got a phone call from a gentleman who was interested in selling this property. It’s a nice Cape Cod over in Middletown, Maryland. When we got the call from him, there was a tenant living in the house. But the gentleman that owned the property was going through some issues, some health issues, and he lived in another house that he owned, and he owned this house as well. He decided that he really needed the money out of this house. He had some equity in this property and it was in slight disrepair. We refinish these floors, we refinished the bathrooms new, the kitchen new, and we’re selling it to a new homeowner on Monday.

But in this particular case, the seller was not in a great financial position due to some health issues and needed to take the equity out of this house. As I mentioned in this particular case, we were able to make him an offer that worked for him. He was able to relocate his tenant into another property. He took the much needed funds from this property and placed them into his healthcare providing.

Just wanted to share that with you. I don’t know if you know someone in a similar situation that may have a house that needs some work and it has some equity in it and the seller or the owner of the house isn’t in a position to list it on the market with a real estate agent because it probably needs too much work to be ready for homeowner. In those cases, we’re ready to go. We can help the homeowner by purchasing the property. In return, they’ll receive the equity out of the house. We’ll come in, we’ll clean the house out of any belongings that maybe they can’t deal with, and then we will renovate the property and get it ready for the next homeowner. That’s how it works.

We’re here to help some folks that might have issues with houses. This is one scenario that we come across from time to time. Someone who has an extra house and it needs some work and they need to take the equity out of the property. That’s a perfect scenario for Maryland Cash House Buyers to come in and help them out. We’re over here in Middletown, Maryland, today. We’re doing the exact same thing in Howard County, in Marriottsville, exact same thing in Westminster, and the exact same thing in Frederick. Please share this with any of your friends or family members that might be having issues with houses that need some work and they’re not quite ready for the next home owners to buy them yet, but they want another option. The other option would be to call Maryland Cash House Buyers or go to our website, and fill out our quick response form. We’ll be in touch with you soon. Thank you and have a great day.

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