How To Sell My House For Cash, As-Is

How To Sell My House For Cash, As-Is
Hey, it’s Bob from Maryland Cash House Buyers. We’re in Frederick, Maryland today where we purchased this craftsman-style home behind us. And we bought the house actually from a couple that was going through a divorce and they decided that the house needed a little bit too much work to get the house ready to sell on the market with a realtor. It was just enough work to be outside of their comfort zone. And they wanted to look at their options to see what they could do as far as receiving an as-is offer to buy the house. So they contacted us and we came out and looked at the property with them. And we did a thorough inspection with our contractor. And we basically put together an estimate that told us what we needed to do to the house.

You can see the bathroom is kind of original. This house was built in 1922. It has beautiful craftsman-style finishes, but it just has some things that unfortunately are expensive to repair from a homeowner standpoint, but from a contractor standpoint, and from a house flipper standpoint, we have the equipment and the personnel to be able to handle the project. So we’ll be renovating this kitchen in its entirety. And we’ll find a place to relocate the refrigerator and we’ll do some new cabinets that a new buyer would probably appreciate and enjoy. But we will keep as many of these original finishes as possible because we have some really nice craftsman detail. Look at that front door with the sidelights. It’s beautiful. It just needs to be refinished. We have an office or den over here with some really neat, detailed craftsman-style finishes.

So again, we’re going to renovate this house. There are actually three bedrooms upstairs. We’ll show you all of that, but there’s another bathroom up there too. We have to decide what we’re going to do with that because it doesn’t meet current code. But at any rate, this house currently has five bedrooms and 1, 2, 3 full bathrooms, but they don’t again meet current codes. So we’re going to have to do some major renovations to get this ready for the next homeowner to enjoy. We have access to a deck out back, which isn’t to current code. So we’ll be removing that deck and rebuilding it.

We have a basement that is going to receive some repairs as well, but in general, all of our mechanicals are down there. And we’ll be doing some new mechanicals. And we’ll be updating this house to current electrical code and to current plumbing code. So while it doesn’t look terrible, it actually looks pretty cool. Right? Nice craftsman-style. We’re going to go behind the scenes and make this house a current code property that will be ready for the market. And we’re looking forward to getting started on it very soon.

So you can follow along with us on our Facebook page for updates, etcetera. But if you happen to have a house that’s in similar situation, maybe you’re going through a divorce, or you inherited a property and it came with a lot of stuff and you just don’t know what to do with it. Maybe it needs some plumbing and electrical to bring it up to current standards. And it’s just kind of above your scope of capabilities. Give us a call at Maryland Cash House Buyers, we have the people and the resources to refinish, rehab, and renovate the property to make it beautiful again for somebody to come along and enjoy for hopefully many years to come.

So again, it’s Bob from Maryland Cash House Buyers. If you think you have a property that we can help you with, just give us a call and we’ll schedule our no-obligation appointment with you. We’ll come out and look at the house with you and make you a fair cash offer to buy the house in its current as-is condition. We are in Frederick, Maryland today, but we’re doing this all over the state. We’re actually working in several counties. We’re down in Prince George’s County in Fort Washington. We just sold a house in Baltimore. We’re working on a house in Boonsboro. We’re actually working on a house also in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, Emmitsburg, Maryland, a couple more in Frederick, Maryland. So yeah, just reach out to us and we’ll see how we can help you solve your house problem and get your house ready for the next homeowners to enjoy for many years to come. All right. Thanks for tuning in and have a great day.
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