“How Do Cash House Buyers Get My Contact Information?”

How Do Cash House Buyers Get My Contact Information?
Speaker 1:
I had a phone call from a very nice lady the other night asking me, “Bob, how did you get my phone number?” Well, I explained to her that we actually pull lists that include names, addresses, and phone numbers of individuals who may be interested in selling their house as is. And in this particular case, she was not interested and asked if we would remove her from our list. So we politely accommodated that request and removed her from all future mailing lists and phone call lists.

So we actually will pick up the phone and make a personal phone call to everyone that we have phone numbers for that ask basically, “Hey, did you get our mail piece? And are you interested in selling your house as is for cash?” And if the answer is no, then we mark you as a no, and we don’t send you any more mail or information. We also will not call you again.

Now there are companies that use robo dialers to call and cold call and leave voicemails for individuals that are on these same lists. We do not currently use those systems and we’re not doing mass phone calls or mass text messaging to people using these robo dialers. So I went on to explain to this very nice lady that while we will not be calling her anymore or sending her mail, she will probably still get bombarded with mail because of the list that she’s on. And she will probably still get robocalls. And I also explained to her that she can go to the National Registry for Do Not Call List and register all of her phone numbers there and be removed from these robocall list. As long as these other companies are following the rules and they are checking their data against the National Do Not Call Registry, they’re not allowed to call you once you’re on that registry.

So you can just google National Do Not Call List, and you will see the 1-800 phone number there that you can call and register all of your phone numbers to be removed from these robo dialing systems. So I hope that helps. And just wanted to clear that question up some folks have that says, “Hey, how did you get my phone number? Why are investors sending me mail? And why are investors calling me or sending me text messages?”

Hope that helps. And if there’s anything we can do to help you, please reach out to us on our website and we’ll be in touch with you soon. Thank you and have a great day.
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