Get A Free Rent Back Or Help Moving

Get A Free Rent Back Or Help Moving
Hey, it’s Bob from Maryland Cash House Buyers. We are in Walkersville, Maryland today, where we recently purchased this property behind me. We actually bought it about three weeks ago and we bought it from a family who had a family member that didn’t have a place to live yet, so we allowed her to stay in the property, rent-free, for about three weeks until her new place was ready.

So, if you have a property and you’re thinking about selling, but you don’t have a place to move to yet, talk to us about it because we frequently work out rent-back agreements, at no charge to sellers of properties like this. So what happens is, let’s pretend you’re ready to move, but you don’t have your new house ready yet, or your new apartment, or wherever you’re moving to. So you need the money to be able to move it into that property and the way to get the money is to sell the house. Right? So you might make an arrangement with us to sell your house in its as-is condition and we’ll do a free rent-back for an agreed upon period of time.

Then when your new place is ready, you can move out and we’ll come in and we’ll take care of the house. So in this case, the sellers, they had some old stuff that they didn’t really want to keep, so we’re going to donate the furniture to Goodwill and then we’ll take everything else and dispose of it and we’ll do our thing. We’re actually buying a house next week in Reisterstown and we made an agreement with the lady there to help her move. Her new place is ready but she has a lot of stuff that she wants to keep and take to her new property. So what we’ll do in that case is take our cargo trailer up to the project and have our crew pack everything up for her and move it over to her new house.

So maybe you have a situation like that where you would like to move now and you need some help moving things. We can help you with that. Or maybe you have a house that you want to sell now and get paid on the house in a couple of weeks and then go look for your new place. We can work that out with you as well.

So if you’re thinking about selling your house, but those are a couple of concerns you had like, “Hey, I have so much stuff in my house. I don’t know what the heck I’m going to do with it.” We can help you with that. Or, “Hey, I want to sell my house, but I don’t have a new place to live yet and I need some money for a down payment or deposit, so how can I work that out?” Well, you can work it out by selling to us on your time schedule, say in the next two, three weeks, and get paid for the house and then go find a new place to live in the next few weeks after that. And if you need some help moving, we’ll help you with that also.

Here’s an example of some of this stuff our crews clean out. This is many years of storage and there’s some good stuff in here. Some of my guys will probably have a yard sale on a few things, maybe some tools and things like that. Other stuff, just not any value in it anymore, so we’ll take it off to the landfill. So whatever your situation is, give us a call and we’ll schedule an appointment to come out and talk with you and figure out what’s best for you and hopefully we can help you, like we help these folks here. All right, have a great day, everybody.
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